Rhiannon McGrath

Rhi Carter is an artist, writer, director, musician, and internet personality from Vancouver, BC.

She graduated from the New Media Design and Web Development program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology in 2012.

In 2018 she co-founded the indie game development outfit Dead Genre Studios along with long time collaborator Jamie Jansen. She oversaw creative direction, project management, and writing of the turn based strategy game "Of Gods And Men: The Daybreak Empire", in addition to providing music and pixel art. She took artistic lead on the multiplayer endless flier "Echo Royale".

Along with former bandmate Devalin Galloway, she helped build Placeholder Records, a Vancouver based label putting out tapes and vinyl and putting on all ages shows. In addition to A&R, she designed the logo and does much of the graphic design.

With Madeline Hops and Amy Blair, she started the Tranifesto podcast, a bi-weekly comedy show dedicated to dissecting queer representation in media.