Echo Royale

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Echo Royale is a side scrolling casual vaporwave-inspired battle royale game in which you jump your dolphin through a gauntlet of statues, palm trees, and spinning computers -- but don't touch anything! Outlast up to 20 other players, or play solo.


Developed and released between March and April 2019 


Creative Direction

  • Cooperative development of core concept
  • Leadership through two month development and release cycle
  • Quality assurance and playtesting


  • Development of vaporwave inspired aesthetic
  • Modelling of obstacles and environment
  • Modelling and animation of dolphin
  • Vaporwave inspired backgrounds composed in Photoshop with stock images


  • Creation and mixing of background loop using Garagebands stock midi instruments


  • Manipulation of assets into graphics for Steam, Google Play, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Cut trailer
Date Of Publication